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Services in Customs formalities


We provide a comprehensive variety of services in Customs clearance of goods under different Customs regimes at the Kostomouksha Customs check-point.

Our purpose is to perform Customs clearance of the goods in compliance with the Customs legislation and regulations, exclude possible risks, optimize the time-terms and minimize the expenses arising in the course of the Customs clearance.

We have a profound experience in Customs clearance of different items and goods, such as:

  • timber  processing   equipment and production lines
  • asphalt-making plants
  • drying kilns for sawn-goods
  • aspiration systems
  • boiler stations
  • crushing, milling and sorting machinery
  • construction and harvesting machines and machinery
  • transport vehicles (Customs formalities performed in St.Petersburg)
  • industrial security systems
  • repaired goods
  • mass-media production
  • goods requiring the issuance of a self-propelled machine certificate and subject for Customs clearance in St.Petersburg, with their actual location at either of the Luttya, Suopara or Salla  Customs check-points
  • investments into the Initial capital of enterprises, etc.

Besides import Customs operations, we can help you in performing the necessary export Customs formalities, too.

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